The following are actual comments, as quoted with consent,
from QME's who have taken our courses. Thank you very much for your kind words. Updated: 6/10/18

"The course was easy to use, informative, and up to date. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes obtaining QMECEU credits on-line.” - A. Kipperman, MD, QME "

"Great course. Very well done web-based CME." - P. Conwisar, MD, QME

"I have been doing QMEs since 2008 and really enjoyed your presentations. Even though some was review, some was new or clarifying. I wish I had this course this when I first started doing reports ." - G. Taylor, MD, QME

"The course was well presented in an audiovisual combined with audiolingual style which made it easier to comprehend. Your program outstanding compared to others I have visited. Thank you for all your support. You were meticulous, efficatious and expeditious in your response." - J. Graziani, PhD, DC, QME

"This is the best CEU class. It was very easy to work with. I am extremely impressed. Thank you!!! " - M.K.

"Thank you for the excellent courses!" - J. Weddington, MD

"The course was on-point, very clean and very user friendly!" - D. Stuart, MD, PhD, QME

"What a fantastic course! It was informative and I was able to take easy screenshots for my permanent record. One of the best things about this program is Maggie. She seems to work 24-7 and helped to me on a Saturday. Unbelievable customer service. She is simply the best!. - Dr. Margaret Perez"

"Excellent program and format. Thank you. - J. Shaw, M.D."

"The courses were an excellent review and presented very well.I would recommend these courses to anybody. - M. Wlasichuk, M.D."

"I'm looking forward to completing the two courses over next few days. I love your courses and hence continue to return to your site for my QME hours. - Sunita Jayakar, M.D., QME"

"I believe my peers would find the courses of QMECEU.com informative and helpful in clarifying law updates and their application in both clinical and court room arenas. I also found the format to be very well organized and all information was presented in a clear and concise fashion. I look forward to my next class." " - Y. Love, PsyD, QME

"QMECEU.com courses are in a very convenient, non-threatening format which deals with important aspects of the Evaluation effectively. You can complete courses at your own pace, which makes for a great learning opportunity, not just for fulfilling a requirement. Thanks " - R. Cohenour, MD, QME

"Your AMA Guides upper extremity course presentation was very powerful and exhaustive. You did a great job of making sense of it all. GREAT JOB! " - S. Blaut, DC, QME

"A very good review. I did enjoy and get a lot out of the course. " - J. Ellis, MD, QME

"Your course is one of the best QME courses that I have taken. I can't imagine how many hours were spent in putting together these courses. Job well done! Also, thanks for the speedy delivery of my certificate." - Y. Markinkovich, DC, QME

"I am impressed with your service. I will continue to take your QME courses in the future. The process was very easy and efficient. " - S. Jayakar, MD, QME

"Thank you. Good course. Well presented." - A. Soozani, MD, QME

"Your system is easy to use and very informative. I have been doing QME evaluations for a number of years and still came away with some very good information. " - R. Koenigsberg, DPM, QME

"You guys are great! I’m coming to you henceforth. " - K.M., MD, QME

"Your program is very efficient. I truly enjoyed the learning process. The program is designed very practicaly and it related directly to our daily practice. I will come back to use the course. " - C. Hu, L.Ac, QME

"Thank you, I did really enjoy the course, " - C. Crimmins, PsyD., QME

"The courses were great. Thanks! I’ll be sure to use it again when I need additional CEUs." - D. Taylor, MD, QME

"Love your course!! Recommending it to others!!" - M. Ganjianpour', MD, QME

"I just completed 2 of your QME courses. I found both courses to be very informative. They were easy to follow, kept my attention, and were very relavent to an everyday QME exam. I will definately be back for more. Thank you." - J. Delinger DC QME

"Very good online course, by the way. Thanks again!" - R. Scott, MD, QME

"I needed to get quality QME units easily without a hassle and the QMECEU.com folks have a great product. It is online, had good quality content, and the format and media helped with mastering the content. I recommend it highly."
- N. Ralph, PhD, MPH, QME

"Thank you for responding after hours and on a holiday weekend!... I appreciate the great tech support. The moderators of the site are spot on and quick to respond to any/all issues. I plan to use QME.CEU.com for all of my QME licensure requirements.""
- D. Mooney, DC, QME

"Great course! I was reminded of quite a bit and learned some great stuff as well. Thank you."
- C. King, DC, QME

"Thank you for a good course delivered in a very convenient way." - R. Mendoza, MD, QME

"The course was excellent!" - Paul C. Murphy, MD, QME

", The course was very informative. I shall use this web whenever it is necessary. Thank you!" - Joseph Graziani, DC, QME

"....your courses are way better that the last QME course I took. The course was easier to complete online and I learned more. Thanks!!" - J. Phillips, DC, QME

"I enjoyed your course very > much! - A. Kaliakin , DC, QME

"I am pleased with the courses that you offered!" - Charles Clark, MD, QME

"Your online courses make keeping up with CEUs much easier. Thank you for answering the phone and giving such personal service.." - H. Martone, DC, QME

"I liked the course. Thank you!!" - Rita Hyman. PhD, QME

"I found the course to be EXCELLENT. Well done!" - Ron Schuster, DC, QME

"I Love the courses.. you guys are humorous and interesting. You explain complicated issues in a concise and understandable fashion. I LOVE being able to take the course online-at my leisure. Great product and great service"! - S. Jensen, DC, QME

"Thank you, great course." - Peter Mackay, DC, QME

"I loved the course. The courses were convenient. I was able to complete the 2 hour sections when my scheduled allowed." - Brian Sharp, DC, QME

"The courses are really helpful. I enjoyed these!" - Sewon Hong, PhD, QME

"Soooo good!" - B. Hulbert, DC, QME

"The courses were very good. I am glad that we are allowed to review the quiz after it is taken. Customer Service is very good as well. Glad there is now an online alternative for the QME re-certification." - C.C. DC, QME

"I liked the course. The course was very effective in breaking down the complexity of the upper extremity evaluation. Thanks" - D. Klawiter, DC, QME

"Thank you. It was a pleasure taking your course!!" - L Dean, MD QME

"Thanks for the great seminars." - J.A. Scott, DC, QME

"I found the online course very efficient and the process simple to complete. "- D. George, DC, QME


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