Complete your QME Continuing Education Requirement - Completely Online

$175.00 for 6 hours - $325.00 for 12 hours

Satisfies DWC Requirements for all QME's: MD, DC, PhD, DDS, DO, DPM

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Click titles for sample video and syllabus - Compatible with most PC's and mobile devices.

View Course 1 Sample and Syllabus   Course 1: QME Regulations 2020  (6hrs)
Guest: WCAB Judge, Christopher Miller 

View Course 2 Sample and Syllabus   Course 2: Important Elements of the QME Evaluation (6 hrs)
Guests: WCAB Judge, Christopher Miller and Norbert Ralph, PhD, MPH, QME

View Course 3 Sample and Syllabus   Course 3: AMA Guides 5th Ed. Spinal Impairment (6 hrs)

View Course 4 Sample and Syllabus   Course 4: AMA Guides 5th Ed. Upper Extremity (6 hrs)

View Course 5 Sample and Syllabus   Course 5:
Important Elements of the Dental QME Eval  (6 hrs)
Guests: John Van der Werff, DDS, QME and WCAB Judge, Christopher Miller

View Course 6 Sample and Syllabus   Course 6: AMA Guides 5th Ed. Lower Extremity  (6 hrs)
Guest: Don Chu, PhD

View Course 7 Sample and Syllabus   Course 7: Almaraz-Guzman, Alternates, Apportionment (6hrs)
Guest: WCAB Judge, Christopher Miller 

View Course 8 Sample and Syllabus   NEW! Course 8: AMA Guides 5th Edition Text Examples (6hrs)

View Report Writing Course Sample and Syllabus  
12 Hour DWC Approved Report Writing Course (12hrs)
Guest: WCAB Judge, Christopher Miller
Satisfies DWC Medical Unit report writing course requirement for Newly Appointed QME's


DWC Medical Unit Approved QME Educational Provider #1240
All Continuing ed courses approved by the DWC to 5/22/21
CBCE approved for 12 hours distance learning.

DWC Report Writing Course Provider #18
(DWC Report Writing Course Approval to 8/20/20)
Required Text: AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, 5th Edition

Meet our presenters:
Daniel Buch, BS, DC, QME
WCAB Judge, Christopher Miller

Don Chu, PhD
Norbert Ralph, PhD, MPH, QME
John Van der Werff, DDS, QME (retired)

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